bungee dot com - the bungee jumping and bungee stunt authority. everything about bungee, bungee jumping, bungee equipment, bungee safety, bungee history and bungee television and film work. bungee masters (a bungee.com company) bungee bridge in washington state, 45 minutes from portland, oregon.
bungee dot com - the bungee jumping and bungee stunt authority.  everything about bungee, bungee jumping, bungee equipment, bungee safety, bungee history and bungee television and film work. bungee masters (a bungee.com company) bungee bvridge in washington state, 45 minutes from portland, oregon.
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Contact - Cost - Specifications
New to the area, the BUNGEEPARTY.COM™ dynamic mobile bungee trampoline is a unique and exciting thrill device /amusement ride. This attraction has proven overwhelmingly popular, drawing crowds in all types of venues.

Throw the party your child will always remember! Absolutely the most fun you could imagine. A fun, healthy activity for all the party guests. Bring the spring to your child's birthday fling with the BUNGEEPARTY.COM™ bungee trampoline!

A participant wears the padded harness, which is attached to twin rubber bungee cords. These bungee cords attach to vertical poles via a lift system that raises as the person jumps, allowing them to jump much higher than they would on their own. The participant can go as high as their ability will allow them. The system maintains the jumper's height, so that front and back flips and other aerial maneuvers can be performed safely. When the participant is done, the operator lowers the electrical cart system and the jumper is lowered slowly to the trampoline mat.

Need something new and exciting for this year's company picnic? Want to offer a new twist for the holiday office party? Roll in the fun with our patented and guaranteed crowd pleaser, the BUNGEEPARTY.COM™ bungee trampoline. Kids and adults alike will be entertained with their ability to defy gravity as they jump up to 24 feet in the air!

How about something really unusual that offers fun and excitement for both participants and spectators alike? Our mobile double bed bungee trampoline may be just the ticket to making your special event a smashing success. Gravity... it's not just a good idea, it's the law!

Ever feel like launching your family members into space? Well the next best option is now available! Great fun for family events and gatherings. Take the opportunity to strap that "in-law" into the BUNGEEPARTY.COM™ bungee trampoline and let the excitement take off!

Churches, school carnivals, fund raisers, fairs, block parties or little league celebrations... get the community involved! Prepare to have barrels of fun and get wild with the smiles as you see your fund raising potential jump to new heights with this good-times machine!

Get the most bang for your buck. Tired of the same old company events? Need to turn heads and get the eyes looking your way? Spice up your grand opening or new product rollout with our dynamic and spectacular bungee trampoline. You will literally have your customers jumping up and down at the chance to visit your business location!

Additional locations have included; fitness and recreation centers, shopping malls, youth summer camps, carnivals, resorts and country clubs as well as home use. The BUNGEEPARTY.COM™ bungee trampoline is fun for everyone! It appeals to a wide variety of people and can be used by anyone between 30 and 200 pounds. It is popular with all ages.

SAFE- Injuries occur on a regular trampoline when individuals bounce off the trampoline or land improperly. The BUNGEEPARTY.COM™ bungee trampoline keeps participants centered at all times and allows for doing flips while preventing improper landing. This makes the trampoline device ideal for gymnastic, ski jump, snow board and skate board training.

FUN- The BUNGEEPARTY.COM™ bungee trampoline is fun for people of all ages, because it enables you to jump many times higher than a regular trampoline (up to 24 feet in the air) and easily do flips. Because of the high safety level, you can experience all the excitement of acrobatics without the high anxiety.

Customer Service
P O Box 121
Fairview, Oregon 97024-0121
(503) 520-0303
e-mail: trampolines@bungee.com

$2,800 per day plus the cost of fuel for delivery and pickup* with two operators and two beds in use. (You provide one registration staff**) *Over 6 hours of operation will be billed at $450 per hour, 1 hour increments. **Add $175 if BUNGEEPARTY.COM™ is to provide the registration staff.

Dimensions (set up) - 15'W x 31'L x 20'H
Dimensions (travel) - 8' 2"W x 31'L x 5'H
Weight - 3,400 lbs.
Operates with standard 110 power
Electric brakes
20 minute set-up (2 crew)

Length of time per jumper: 3 minutes
Number of jumpers per hour: 28 - 32
Employees required: 2 - 3
Average time between jumpers: 45 seconds
Average admission per jumper: $7 - $10
Potential income per hour:
$200 - $300
Interested in Bungee Jumping off of the tallest Bungee bridge in North America? Bungee dot com and Bungee Masters can help you fulfill your high-altitude dreams by pushing you off of a bridge. Not daring enough for you? Try Bungee jumping out of a helicopter...but that's not the scary part. Better sit down before we tell you that you're over the open maw of a volcano. That's right...we're THOSE Bungee guys.